Oct 2013

Organ, synth, piano, clarinet, guitar, bass, vocals, Mellotron, Wurlitzer - shimmer in your ears...

Electronica, Indie and Downtempo

The array of instruments that Darkside’s Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington play impress almost as much as the music and the production on Psychic.

Mastered to perfection by Brian Gardener and recorded at three studios – we get guitars, bass, organ, electric piano, synths, clarinet, drum machines, Wurlitzer, Mellotron and Nicolas Jaar even sings.

The ghost of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here hangs over Golden Arrow – a sidelong opener layered with ominous synths in a cavernous soundstage. And just as you think you’ve gotten the measure of it – a guitar break hits you out of the blue. On the superb Heart Darkside suddenly sound like they’ve found their inner indie guitarist amidst chunky synth chords and a marching drumbeat. Side 2 finishes on the surprisingly bluesy Paper Trails, this is reminiscent of St. Germaine’s stunning Tourist with an almost John Lee Hooker eeriness to the vocals.

More marching beats and shimmering percussive noises start The Only Shrine I’ve Seen – but then something akin to a choir takes over as the sound expands and builds. The wickedly cool Freak, Go Home gets funky with treated keyboards before the beautiful Greek Light has Jaar tripping out on the vocals. Things finally drown in a sea of treated noises on Metatron, where waves splash and doors open as the backing turns almost sixties pop.