Dr Feelgood

Down By The Jetty

Jan 1975

Recorded live in the studio, in mono for maximum R&B

Pub Rock, R&B, British New Wave

The definitive pub rock band’s debut showed that new wave was mixing with blues to produce a distinctly British sound.

The Feelgood’s fabulous debut went back to basics and started off 1975 with short, sharp, pub rock. Recorded in mono to accentuate the blues sound, it’s an incendiary combination of Wilko Johnson’s thrashing guitar chords, Lee Brilleaux’s nasty vocals and a rhythm section tighter than a photo finish.

The intensely danceable Roxette wetted the public’s appetite as their debut 45 and was followed by the killer She Does it Right. Wilko’s trademark chug jumps out of your speakers with stunning clarity on The More I Give and the Bo Diddley train-riffage of I Don’t Mind threatens to start a fight with your cowering stereo. Keep It Out Of Sight and All Through The City are tunes that will only cement your love for the band.

The Feelgoods are beloved in the UK where a variant of the original band is still gigging to this day – well over 40 years after the January 1975 event. But above all – Dr. Feelgood represented fun – a blast – the kind of group that the mere sight of lifted your heart like good malt on a cold winter’s day.

Recorded in August 1974 – Down By The Jetty was produced live in the studio by Vic Maile who gave it a lean balance that perfectly reflected the band’s raw energy. Rarely has a record sounded more punchy.