Pink Floyd

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Mar 1973

Originally released in Quadraphonic, the surround version was revived on DVD-Audio in 2006

Seventies Rock and Progressive Rock

In 2011 Pink Floyd fans hit the reissue motherlode and looked to their long-suffering bank managers for yet another sympathetic hearing.

James Guthrie and Joel Plante handled all the Pink Floyd albums in the 14-title reissue campaign – including 1973’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. So anyone buying it today is in for a major sonic thrill. The original master tapes have obviously been given a thorough going over because it feels like each and every segment has had every nuance uncovered. The result is truly impressive.

The opening heartbeat and voices of Speak To Me sound extraordinary and when they lead into the wall of Breathe (In The Air) it’s – wow! The remaster hasn't been hyped or compressed for the sake of volume – it's just there – all the instruments revealed in superlative clarity. And while Time, Money and the lovely Us And Them were always going to be audio treats – it's the last track of side one that gets you.

Even in its quietest moments Great Gig In The Sky is eerily beautiful but it’s Clare Torry’s incredible vocal that makes it the highlight. You can’t beat the wall of keyboards on Any Colour You Like, and by the time Eclipse finishes this ultimate concept album - it's easy to understand why it’s an audiophile favourite.