Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones

1979 (Mar US, Jun UK)

Made by a girl in a beret and the finest musicians in town

Seventies Rock, AOR

This debut hits both emotional and audio targets thanks to Rickie Lee Jones openness and a spectacular production.

Right from the opening seconds of acoustic guitars, drums and clicking fingers of Chuck E.'s In Love you can hear with clarity the skills of top notch session musicians and production. The sound on this record was always going to be something special, but it exceeds expectations the music is amazingly touching too.

Company features truly beautiful string arrangements, and Jones’ other secret weapon – off the cuff streetwise lyrics that have depth and sass – flirty one minute – aching the next. The acoustic guitar strings on Night Train sound amazing, and if the lyrics don’t choke you up, seek medical help. The double-bass intro to Easy Money slides into definite Tom Waits’ territory. Aficionados will spot Mac Rebennack (Dr.John) on keyboards with session ace Victor Feldman on vibes.

Funky genius comes in with the brilliant Danny's All-Star Joint – a stunning mixture of brass and scat lyrics. The Last Chance Texaco features a floating synth note that ominously backs up the big acoustic chords, and things get hip with the brilliant Weasel & The White Boys Cool. This is one of those occasions where only the whole album will suffice. And Rickie Lee Jones doesn't just sound good, this album is 'all good’.