Talking Heads

Remain In Light

Oct 1980

Showed what new wave was all about

American New Wave, Funk and Art Rock

Remain In Light melded new wave and funk to create a totally new sound and its legacy lives on to this day.

Talking Heads’ fourth release had a lot going for it. Production supremo Brian Eno helmed the controls and mastering Engineer Greg Calbi cut this powerful and dynamic groove to sonic perfection.

Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) felt like there was a new kind of rock music – part Chic – part Roxy Music – it was all Talking Heads. As David Byrne shouts “Take a look at these hands” all manner of angular guitar parts come at you (Adrian Belew, Jerry Harrison), while Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth lay down a relentlessly solid groove.

That theme continues for Crosseyed And Painless where David sings about being casual - but the incessant beat says something else. Even faster is The Great Curve where Robert Palmer helped with the manic percussion – aided on the vocals by Nona Hendryx. A wall of sound builds on this with funk rhythms and layers of voices driving it to a wild guitar solo finish.

Once In A Lifetime is a real contender for the best single of the last 50 years. It reached No.14 in the UK and made them a household name. Other gems include the “walking along” of Houses In Motion and the brilliant otherworldly echoes of Listening Wind – Byrne sounding like Bowie finding a new groove.

Stunning music allied with cutting-edge sound – even the computer-generated images on the cover seem so ahead of their time.