The Trentemøller Chronicles

Nov 2007

Rare and beautiful remixes of Scandiwegian sounds

Dub, Techno, Tech House, Electro

In 2007 Danish electronic producer Trentemøller gathered rare mixes and solo tracks to create an album that transcends its genre.

This album ably chronicles Andre Trentemøller’s remix work over three years alongside some of his solo works, including The Forest, Gush and Kink.

Hugh Cornwell teamed up with The Black Smoke Organisation to write Danger Global Warning and here you get a funked up remix. The Forest is rare single from 2004 – all danced up and new again, while Coincidance is a variation on Mathias Schaffhäuser’s 2005 single.
The Chronicles Edit of Jakob Ilsøe’s Feeling Good is a rapid heartbeat of a tune, and Röyksopp issued the near eight-minute remix of What Else Is There? in 2005. The overlooked dance-anthem Gush features sampled voice chopped and neck-jerked into submission for eight minutes.

Trentemøller stretches out the distance between Karin Dreijer’s vocals and the huge synth punches on The Knife’s We Share Our Mother’s Health, and ends on his own Kink – pulsating distorted techno chords backed up by a beat that virtually screams trance.

This compilation makes available rare mixes and the choices here are smart ones. Equally as important is that the sound is remarkably clean, almost polished by the standards of the genre. The imaging on some pieces sending sounds all the way around the room. Couple this with gorgeous highs and solid bass and you have an album that warrants the finest sound system you can find.